“A wellbeing mindset refers to the whole of attitudes, beliefs, and values of a person or group of people that fosters wellbeing. This may be the wellbeing of a person, group of people, the whole of humanity, other sentient beings such as animals, and/or planet Earth.”

Why is a
wellbeing mindset important?

Mindsets matter. Here’s why

  1. Mindsets play an important role in human development at the individual, collective, and global level.
  2. Sustainable transformation, for people or the world, happens from the inside out.
  3. Solutions need to be co-created which requires a mindset shift of development practitioners themselves.
  4. Current development approaches are too materialistic; therefore, they need to move beyond overly focusing on GDP and economic development.
  5. A new holistic development paradigm should include inner, collective, and planetary wellbeing.
  6. We have a choice, we can change our mindset and therefore our life’s direction and experiences; collectively this means that through changing our mindsets, thinking and actions we do change the course of humanity.

How does one cultivate a wellbeing mindset personally and
within our organizations?

Practical Tips

Mindsets can be shifted by increasing awareness, fostering self-reflection and self-responsibility. Using the pneumonic acronym MANTRA can be helpful in cultivating a wellbeing mindset.


  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Awareness expanding
  • Non-judging
  • Think Positive
  • Real you
  • Aliveness

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About Jürgen Nagler

For over 20 years, Jürgen has been researching the key role of mindsets for individual, collective and global development and wellbeing. He brings a unique blend of 25 years’ experiences from the private sector, civil society and the United Nations. Jürgen began his career working for Germany’s biggest company. However, a life-threatening motorbike accident in 1997 transformed his perspective, and set him on a new life path. This began a quest for meaning and he began to travel. To date, Jürgen has worked on 5 continents, travelled over 50 countries and been inspired by the universal wisdom from different spiritual traditions around the world.